In the project management world, people come and go. In a matter of a few weeks, you can become close with your project team. In some cases, you may see more of your project team than your family on particularly demanding projects.

But what happens when the project is over? Do you see those people any longer? If you are a project consultant, it could be months or years before you run into those people again. Relationships are like a garden – they blossom with care and attention and die when neglected. It’s up to you to maintain your professional network.

Bruce Harpham

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The Networking Tool allows the knowledge to be transferred to different stakeholders, creating potentially endless opportunities for connections and new ideas in a diverse variety of topics

Water Management

Soil Management

Forest Management

Crop Production

Fishery and Livestock


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Why using the Networking Tool?

The Power of Networking

You could take a profitable experience from our contents and services taking on mind some general criterias as:

Contribution: A network gives you the opportunity to help your friends and colleagues when they face difficulties.

New Information. Some of the best project management tips and skills can only be found through your network. Your network can also provide you with valuable skills.

Job Security. Did you lose your job? Did your project management contract end? You can also ask your network for employment opportunities (assuming you have contributed to your network first). According to Getting a Job: A Study of Contacts and Careers by Mark Granovetter, over 50% of jobs are located through personal contacts.

Leadership. Serving as a leader is one of the most rewarding activities I’ve ever pursued. Whether you are seeking political office, gathering donations for a favorite charity or pursing another goal, your network can support your goals.

Networking Opportunities

The networking tool also enhances and expands the capabilities and possibilities for people interested in climate adaptation topics. Connections are possible between national and international researchers, but also between the private sector and practitioners.

Characteristics of FASTER Living Lab

FASTER Project Living lab focuses on knowledge transfer on adaptation to climate change strategies between researchers in the field of water, soil and forest management, and practitioners engaged in Farm Advisory System in Tunisia. 

The living FAS-Lab is intended to provide an opportunity to take up the developed research knowledge into professional praxis, creating a dynamic tool for improved FAS implementation. The process would allow researchers and practitioners of different profiles to reflect on the challenges of adaptation and co-produce solutions.

The living lab to be developed as part of the FASTER project aims to: 

Integrate research results
on adaptation into FAS

The living lab aims to enhance the knowledge exchange between researchers and practitioners from the agriculturals on solutions to adapt to climate change.

Improve FAS as a tool
for adaptation

The living lab aims to foster addressing concrete challenges of current FAS to provide tailored support to farmers for facing the impacts of climate change.


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